"My Local Small Business Sponsors"

We provide completely FREE mini-websites for small businesses. It is used by lots of people every day - and it is getting more and more popular. We are visited by other businesses and domestic users alike.

Our home page is the best and easiest way to find any business simply by typing in a simple search criteria.

We can offer a way to assure that your business is viewed by anyone who visits our home page.

Sponsor Us!

We offer a special place on our site called the SPOTLIGHT, where our sponsors can show their own advert.

Why Sponsor Us?

  • You get a place on the Spotlight, consisting of your advert, contact details and links to your pages on your mini-website.
  • You will appear at the top of any search results that matches the criteria in the search.
  • We purposely limit the number of sponsors per week so you get a fair chance of being seen often.
  • Only £1 per day