Paul Taylor


SYMBIODYNAMICS® is a unique, innovative, deep acting coaching and therapy system that can be used for business or personal goal attainment, personal developement, healthcare or behavioural change.

It is based on the premise that from the time of our earliest ancestors, we have fallen into one of three categories: Warrior, Settler or Nomad.

Although our environment has changed considerably over the years, we still retain these characteristics and in particular their associated processes of Assertiveness, Protectiveness and Change.

Over our formative years, however, these processes are subject to alteration in response to the "conditioning" we receive from our upbringing and environment, resulting in an imbalance, allowing one process to dominate over the others to a greater or lesser degree.

Thus we can all recognise ourselves - and others - as being in one of the three groups whether you are an asssertive leader Warrior, a quiet, steady Settler or a Nomad, always on the move, constantly looking for change.

The disadvantage of this is that other parts are suppressed leaving us lacking in one or more of the processes. The Settler, for instance, may be taken advantage of because he lacks Assertiveness or the Warrior may resist Change, becoming stale and outdated. 

Symbiodynamics can, in just a few sessions, harmonise these processes, restoring balance, allowing you to move forward towards your goal. 

Incorporated into this can be the Magic for Minds® process - an acronym for a system that explores Motivation, Allocation (of resources), Generation (of ideas), Imagination (projection into the future) and Co-operation (between the processes) thus ensuring as far as is possible, a smooth roll out of the project.

I trained in Symbiodynamics coaching with the creator, the world renowned Terence Watts at the Essex Institiute of Clinical Hypnosis. Only registered practitioners are authorised to offer the full, official Symbiodynamics® programme. 

So if you find yourself stuck in a rut, have a long term goal that still seems far off or even unattainable, or would like to develop more assertiveness, cope better with stress or difficult situations, do please get in touch, I look forward to hearing from you.


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