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  • Mr Simon Pruden
  • Unit 1 Hollandstone Farm High Street
  • Flore
  • Northamptonshire
  • NN7 4LP
  • Telephone: 01327343345
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Welcome to Pyrasorb

Our Business

Pyrasorb has been manufactured in the UK since 1975, providing spillage absorbents to many customers throughout the United Kingdom and abroad.

Pyrasorb is light and easy to use, can absorb volumes much greater than its own weight, is nontoxic, contains no residue and does not break down into a sludge when applied. Pyrasorb, unlike other granular type products, absorbs quickly and sweeps up cleanly after use, with no hazardous fibres or mineral particles. It will not scratch sensitive surfaces such as painted or varnished floors.

Pyrasorb have been producing a market leading range of absorbents for over 40 years. Our products are easy to use and nontoxic, helping you to comply with any health and safety requirements at your workplace. Typically, Pyrasorb Natural is used where there may be an oil or water spillage that needs to be contained. It is particularly suitable for industrial and engineering environments as well as within retail and general commercial buildings. Supernat is aimed more at places where food and drink spillage is a problem, offering an easy way to contain these types of problems.

Our Supergreen absorbent is perfectly suited to smaller companies where there may be a variety of different spillages that require containment. Supergreen is equally at home as an absorbent for food, water or oil spills.