Online Adverting - With a Difference

Do you want your business on the internet?

We offer truly affordable advertising that lets you create a 'mini' website – a collection of pages of your details about your business – FOR FREE!.

What do you get?

To put it simply,

you get a simple website with no bells and whistles, up to 5 web pages, which you can look after to suits you.

All we ask is to allow us to have small adverts at the very top and bottom of each of your pages. That's it!

Each page can contain as much information as you want. It could be a list of services you offer, or just a quick explanation and location of your business.
You can add a 'contact us' page so your visitors can send you a message without you giving away your email address to spammers, or even an image gallery containing your photos of the products you sell. It’s entirely up to you.

You can add files that can be downloaded by your visitors (price lists, brochures etc), add blogs, news articles about your business market and special offers to promote your site and encourage people to visit your site.

Choose from dozens of 'themes' that makes the design of your pages come to life.

Change the design and your text and pictures in your site at any time, using a simple control panel.

The pages you create are proper web pages that anyone, including search engines, can view.

You have a complete content management system that helps you create, edit and control your account and pages. It requires NO technical knowledge or experience. You just click on the menu item and following the instructions.

What we don't do

  • We do not give you your own domain name (
  • We do not have telephone support (email only, but we are fast in responding)
  • We do not have a sales team to try to sell you things
  • We do not sell your details on to other companies or spammers (your personal information is personal)

But you already have a website?

Just because you have a website it does not mean you should stop there. How do people know about it? How do you get people to visit it? Google? Shouting from the rooftop's? Hope?

You will get you to the top of search results and be noticed by getting as many websites to link to you that are rated as trustworthy by Google and have the right content.
Having just one website isn't enough.
You can specify your website here on your mini-website.

Sign up now. It will only takes between 10 and 20 minutes.

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