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The Hatton Garden Jewellery Quarter in London EC1 has been famous for it's jewellery industry for hundreds of years and has a wealth of history for jewellery making and jewellery craftsmenship.

Our main website has 27 categories which list the different shops and jewellery services, from ready made platinum diamond engagemnt rings, to bespoke jewellery design. All of the businesses listed on the site are highly qualified skilled jewellery craftsmen. You can have your jewellery valued by qualified valuers and there are jewellery insurance services to protect your valuable items of jewellery.

Hatton Garden is an amazing area to visit, to see so many jewellery shops all in one road is quite special. When you look at the ready made jewellery in the beautiful shop windows you see all the sparkle in the diamonds, it's quite fasination to look at and you could spend hours browsing up and down the street when you go to visit The Hatton Garden Jewellery Quarter London EC1.

Most of the shops and businesses have their own websites now, which you can find from their listing on this site. They have their own pages in the categories they specialise most in. If your looking for an Engagement ring, click on that category and it will display all the shops and jewellers that sell high-end Engagement ring, click on the other categories to see the other businesses for that jewellery service.

The jewellers listed on the hatton-garden.net website sell Diamonds, Engagement rings, Wedding bands, Eternity rings, they make Bespoke jewellery and all types of other jewellery. Several shops will buy your jewellery for a fair price.

The Hatton Garden website is the the only website in hatton garden lists every type of jewellery service you may need, including retail jewellery shops and jewellery workshops, personal loans and pawnbroking services.

The Hatton Garden website started in 2003, when most of the jewellery businesses did not have their own website, or even an email address, now most of the businesses have developed their own individual websites, which you can find listed on the HG site.